What does this mean?

Some of the tools involved are specially designed questionnaires completed by you in direct consultation with us, where we ask life-centred questions and not only financially centred questions.

Planning Life Financially is the process of making your money fit your needs, not planning your needs around your money. It is practiced by an increasing number of financial planners who understand that your life's goals determine your need for money and that simply picking a number or income that might be achievable is not nearly the whole picture.

Simply put:

  • Planning life financially requires a course of professional study which financial planners can elect to attend
  • Planning life financially requires that the life of the client must be the axis around which financial discussions revolve and evolve.
  • Planning life financially broadens the conversation from asset management to life management.
  • Planning life financially is a process to understand what you want from life and creates a plan to get it.

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